2 of 52: Veterans Day (Rosaryville) 50k

Dan and I about 25 miles in.  Dan is having fun pronouncing “Pierogi” in various accents…

What an amazing day! I was originally going to run a local half marathon but when my buddy Dan (who I just ran Steamtown Marathon with in September) suggested we run this 50k I jumped on it.  This race was longer than I planned to run but the marathon had been such a good time and I was feeling good so – why not?!  I’d run this race 6 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it then so I was really looking forward to it even though my training has not been geared towards a 50k.

Q: How far is 50K?
A: 50K
Q: How far is that in miles?  Don’t make me Google it!
A: I know. I don’t understand why we weren’t raised metric.  It’s 31 miles.

Organization: Awesome – as all of the Annapolis Striders races are.  Regular clear communication that matches up with race day reality.  Reasonably priced.  Well supported with plenty of volunteers and good food on the trail and at the finish.

The Run:  It’s basically a 3 loop course around the perimeter trail at Rosaryville State Park in Maryland.  Very well marked with confidence ribbons appearing at almost exactly the moment when you start to say “did I miss a turn…?”  No – no you did not and here’s the trail marker to prove it.

The loop is just over 9 miles with two aid stations – one at the head of the trail, the other about 4.5 miles in.  Volunteers bring your bag from the race start to the first aid station for you.  I kept refills of my hydration and food here as well as a change of socks (which I did not use) and shoes (which I also did not use).

A little variety for each lap.

The second aid station had some pretty awesome food.  Chips, cookies, pretzels, pierogi (!), potatoes, fries, CHICKEN BROTH, and Coke.  There was probably more.

It had rained the night (and day) before so the trail was soft, muddy in some places but really not terrible.  I wore shoes that I don’t run in often – not recommended but I got lucky.  I got away clean with some minor “Plantar Fascia awareness” for a couple days after the race.  Some quality time with a frozen bottle of water under my foot and a day of Advil has me feeling ready to run again. (albeit with some caution) . Next weekend will be a nice easy recovery run.

Love this race.  Will definitely be back.

Next Week:  On my own (or with a friend) for 13.1 sloooowwww and eeeaaaaassy miles.

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